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Medical Center


Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health quickly and easily. We thoroughly evaluate & treat all of the contributing root factors related to your issue. This includes, but is not limited to, your work and home stressors.


Medical Services

Patients traveling internationally are provided timely diagnostic and
specialty care in a place designed to feel a little more like home.

Powered by over 4,000 Patients trust us.

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Medical Concierge

Medical Concierge can provide assistance with: Finding doctors,…

Hotel, Rental Cars, 1-800-Flowers

Hotel, Rental Cars, and 1-800-Flowers Hotel Discounts Members…

Everyday Savings

Dining, Shopping, Groceries, and more!   Movie and…

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Discount

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Discount Walgreens has more than…

24/7 Doctor Hotline – Telemedicine

24/7 Doctor Hotline – Telemedicine Safe, secure, and…

Prescription Savings (Open Formulary)

Prescription Savings (Open Formulary) You will now save…

My eWellness

My eWellness is about promoting personal health and…

Dental Discounts

Members and their immediate family receive reduced costs…

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What is Blackseed Oil?
March 25, 2018

What is Blackseed Oil?

Black seed oil has shown promise in treating some of the most common health…

Cancer treatment for the poor
December 2, 2017

Cancer treatment for the poor

Cancer doesn't discriminate, as the saying goes. It can devastate anyone, regardless of ethnicity,...


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